Troubleshooting Guide

1. I did not get any email from

Please check your clutter / spam / junk folders as the email may not be in your inbox.

2. I am not able to install DICE ID app on my phone.

The most likely reason is that you have a phone which has an operating system on which DICE ID app is not supported. Currently we support the following versions:

· Android v7 and above

· iOS v11 and above

We highly recommend that you upgrade your phone’s operating system as lower versions of Android and iOS are not actively supported and can post a high security risk.

3. After opening DICE ID app, the initialization on the first screen is not getting completed.

Please ensure that you have installed DICE ID on a supported OS. Also ensure that you have good data / internet connectivity so that initialization can complete.

4. After scanning QR code in email I got an error.

Please make sure that your phone is having internet connectivity either via Wi-Fi network or 4G connection. If your internet speed is slow then this can occur. You will not be able to scan the same QR code again so please send an email to with a screenshot of the error. We will resend your credentials to your email with a new QR code.

5. I accidentally deleted my credentials from DICE ID app so how do I get it back.

If you have taken a backup from DICE ID App as then you can use the restore option in Settings tab to get your credentials back.

If you have not taken cloud or local backup then please send an email to explaining your issue and your details such as Name, Email, Employee ID and Skill name. We will resend your credentials to your email, and you can get your credentials again by scanning the QR code from DICE ID app.

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