DICE Test Drive

Steps to try out the DICE Platform which will provide a step-by-step guide to try out the credential issuance and verification for KYC to obtain SIM card.

To enable this test drive DICE platform provides a ready-to-use setup which comprises of :

  • Future Bank - which is an sample Identity Issuer that can be used for creating and issuing credentials

  • Xcomm Telco - which is a sample Identity Verifier that can be used for verifying the credentials obtained from Future Bank

You as an Identity Holder can leverage this setup to obtain credentials and present it as proof for identity verification.

This can be accomplished by:

  1. Sending a request to sign-up and get access to the Future Bank Issuer Portal for issuing credentials

  2. Installing DICE mobile app on your phone to obtain credentials and use it for verification

  3. Scanning QR code on Xcomm verification site via your DICE mobile app and submitting your credentials as proof of identity

So let's get started !!

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