Building Trust Ecosystems Powered by Credentials

Wipro Lab45 created DICE ID, a blockchain enabled platform to help issue and verify tamper-proof credentials with a vision to revolutionize credential exchange for a more trustworthy, inclusive digital society.

How does the Ecosystem Work?

DICE ID ecosystem provides an overview of the three entities: Holder (end-user), Issuer, and Proof Verifier.

Credential Issuer

  • Issues credentials to users based on provided information.

  • Ensures authenticity and integrity of issued credentials.

Holder (End User)

  • Stores their identity in a secured wallet.

  • Receives credentials from the Issuer.

  • Controls their wallet and manages credentials.

Proof Verifier

  • Verifies credentials presented by users.

  • Grants or denies access based on verification.

  • Ensures authorized access to resources or services.

Here is the video that explains the structure of our ecosystem

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