Verify Credentials

Xcomm has been setup as the Identity Verifier for this Test Drive. Easily verify credentials with our comprehensive step-by-step guide to act as a verifier.

On your desktop / laptop open the Verifier Application which represents Xcomm Telco (Identity Verifier). Xcomm has been configured to accept eKYC credentials from Future Bank (Identity Issuer).

Click on Apply through Relationship Credential button to open the verification QR code page

Open DICE wallet on your phone.

Important - Go to Settings tab and make sure "DICE ID Test Network" or "Wipro Identity Network" is selected in the Network option.

scan the verification QR code

On DICE wallet you will be prompted to PRESENT your credentials. The values in the credential are the same that you had entered while issuing credentials through the Futurebank Issuer portal

Once the credentials are presented as Proof the verification results should be visible on the Xcomm Verifier web page with the relevant message confirming that verification was successful.

Congratulations !! You have completed the DICE Test Drive successfully and are ready to explore the world of Decentralized Identity & Verifiable Credentials.

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