DICE ID console dashboard is the landing page after successful login using DICE ID issued login credentials that are obtained after sign-up

Dashboard page is the first page displayed after signing in to DICE ID platform console

First time sign-in

When you sign-in to DICE ID platform console for the first time you will be asked to setup your organization details. This is a one time task which is required to be done by as the admin of the organization account that was setup for you once you signed up.

On submitting the organization details you will be redirecting to Dashboard.


Dashboard page provides different statistics related to your organization. As shown below a count of 1 is shown for both users and departments as you are the first user and a default department will be created.

The counts displayed on the dashboard will keep changing as you manage users, departments, customers, credentials etc. to your organization.

Click on Not sure where to Begin? to get the most commonly used steps for Credential issuance and verifications that will will provide step-by-step guideline.

Your name and role

Each page of DICE ID console your name and role will be displayed on the upper right hand corner. On clicking the your name, the current network i.e. DICE ID Testnet and the option to change organization and logout will be available.

The option to change organization will only be available if you are part of more than one organizations using the same email id.

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