Detailed steps on how to manage departments in your organization

As an organization admin you will have the option of creating and managing one or more departments. The purpose of departments is to provide you the flexibility of segregating the management of credentials and verifications based on the use case at hand in alignment with your organization structure.

For example, if you are leveraging DICE ID platform to support a use case for password-less login as well as Skill credentials then you will have different schemas for both use cases, different set of customers who would be issued these credentials and different set of employees who will be responsible to manage this setup.

To provide that flexibility you can create departments and assign your employees to those departments with roles such as Issuer, Verifier or Observer.

Role NameDescription


This role allows user to access to all credential issuance related functionality such as managing schema, onboarding customer, issuing credential in single or batch mode etc.


This role allows user to access all the verification related functionality such as onboarding users, managing verification templates etc.


This role will allow user to have read-only functionality to all the information of their organization and department without being able to take any action

A user with issuer role will not have access to verification functionality and vice versa. Each user can belong to one or more departments and will be able to access the relevant functionality based on the role allocated in that department.

Department Overview

This page provides you the count of departments. By default one department is created for your organization which can be modified but cannot be deleted.

Other departments can be viewed and deleted from the three dots action menu on the right hand side of the departments list table.

Create Department

Department can be created by providing a unique name and description. Once a department is created organization users i.e. the employees or contractors of your company can be added to it.

View Department

Department details can viewed along with the list of organization users who are part of that department.

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