Batch Issuance

Steps to onboard multiple customers via bulk processing and issuing them credentials

If you have a requirement in which your customers need to be issued credentials in a batch to one or more customers then you can use this functionality.

Processing of bulk onboarding comprises requires providing customer and credentials related data in CSV format.

Step 1 : Download Sample CSV

In this step you are required to download the sample CSV file which will contain the field names as columns that need to be populated. The number of fields that will be required in CSV are dependent on:

  • Medium of Invitation: You can specify one or more modes of invitation (Email or SMS). Depending on your requirement it is advisable to select one of the modes.

  • Credential Attributes: Depending on the schema selected the number of attributes required will change. A schema represents the structure of the credential that will get issued to the credential holder i.e. the end user

Step 2 : Upload CSV for processing

Once you have populated all the fields in the CSV that includes the customer details and values for each attribute of the schema selected you can upload the CSV from this screen.

The medium of invitation (Email or SMS) is required to be specified again so that it can be validated and matched with the contents of the CSV.

If Email is selected as mode of invitation then you can get an option to specify a custom email template which is contextual to you use case. To get that option please make sure to create an email template via Email Template. If not template is specified then DICE ID email template will be used by default.

Similarly the schema needs to be specified for auto-issuance of credentials by selecting the schema for which the CSV was created.

If the schema was created that requires a certificate to be included then you will be asked to specify the certificate template. This will ensure that the credential issued will contain a Cred_URL attribute that contains the link to a certificate

The final step is to upload the CSV with the required data.

If the CSV uploaded does not contain the attributes to match the medium of communication or the attributes in the schema then validation will fail and relevant message will be shown on the screen

Once successfully uploaded and validated the CSV will be taken up for bulk processing. Since this is a long running process so a batch Id will returned that can be used to track status.

Step 3 - Upload History

You can check the status of each batch of credential issuance initiated by you or your organization depending on the role you have. Since batch issuance is a long-running process the status of each record will change as per the credential issuance process.

Each batch processed will be represented by a batch id and will have an overall status. For detailed status of each credential in the batch please use the Download option.

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