Create Template

Steps on how to create a new certificate template for your organization which can be used for dynamically creating certificates as part of credentials.

Certificate Template creation has 2 pre-requisites:

  • A blank certificate template based on which the actual certificate will be generated. This should a high resolution image file of jpg, svg, or png format not exceeding 2MB in size

  • A schema representing the structure of the credentials and contains attributes that need to be dynamically populated on the certificate template as well "Cred_URL" as one of the attributes

On clicking Create Certificate Template the following screen will require details such as name of the certificate and the blank template image file which needs to be uploaded

Blank template image size should not exceed 2MB

Verification QR code

Once the blank template has been uploaded there is an option of displaying QR code, which is important for enabling verification of the certificate.

Once "Display QR code" is selected the option of "Add Style & Placement" is available which opens an editor that helps you with the size and positioning of the QR code on the certificate template.

Dynamic attributes of the certificate

Each certificate has some placeholders for the name of the learner, the course or skill attained and date of certification. These attributes should be part of a schema that is used to represent the skill of the user. So the next step is to select a schema and list the attributes.

For each attribute there is an option to "Show on Certificate" which can be turned off if it does not have to be dynamically populated on the certificate.

For attributes that need to be displayed click on "Add Style & Placement" so that the size, placement, font size, family and color can be specified. For e.g. the "Name" attribute has been placed below.

The same steps need to be repeated for each attribute that needs to dynamically populated and displayed on the certificate. Click on "Create Template" to register the new template which will be then visible on the certificate template list.

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