Issue Credentials

Learn how to issue credentials with ease! Our step-by-step guide walks you through the process, ensuring seamless credential issuance based on use case at hand

Login to the Future Bank Issuer portal as per steps described in Sign-up for Issuer Portal

The following steps need to be performed:

  • Navigate to Invite Guests option

  • Enter your email in guest email so that connection invitation can be sent

  • Enter any email as issuer email in SPOC email

Check your email on laptop / desktop for an invite email in your mail box (check spam or clutter folders also)

Open you DICE wallet app installed on your phone

Important - Go to Settings tab and make sure "DICE ID Test Network" or "Wipro Identity Network" is selected in the Network option.

After scanning please wait for few seconds till connection is established automatically. In "Connections" tab of your DICE ID app you should see a connection named "FUTURE BANK". This ensures that there is a secure communication channel established between Futurebank (Identity Issuer) and you (Identity Holder).

Navigate to the Connections tab and search for the your email for which the credential needs to be issued

Click on Offer button present at the extreme right of the record

A dialogue box appears. Choose the eKYC 1.1.3 schema template from the dropdown list.

This is a pre-defined schema which has 4 required fields (Name, Age, PAN and Postal Address). Please fill the details with dummy values and click on Offer Credential.

Open your DICE wallet app on your phone to receive the eKYC credential offer from Future Bank in the home page. Your credentials should get automatically processed in few seconds.

Navigate to Credentials (3rd) tab in the DICE wallet and check that credential has been issued.

Now you are all set to use your eKYC credentials as a proof that can be presented to the Identity Verifier i.e. Xcomm

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