Step by step guide on how to manage verifications on DICE ID platform for user / customers

As a verifier DICE ID platform provides you the ability to accept credentials as proof of a person's identity or capability and validate it against blockchain to ensure that the proof provided is genuine. Furthermore verification functionality will allow you to extract user's data from the proof and use it for automating your downstream processes. For. e.g. if you are a recruiter or employer and user submits skill credential for Java as proof of their eligibility to apply for a job then this proof can be verified. The attributes such as course completed, date of certification, level or marks achieved etc. can be used to apply further rules of shortlisting the user.

On this screen the verification counts will be provided along with the list of verification details.

Request Proof

If you have onboarded a customer or user by establishing a secure connection via Customers then you will be able to send a proof request to that user by navigating to the Request Proof page.

On selecting "Request Proof" for a particular onboarded customer you will be prompted to select the verification template.

If you have not create a verification template then please navigate to that screen as that is a pre-requisite for sending proof request.

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