Configuration and Customization

To configure the DICE ID SDK

To configure and customize the DICE ID SDK, you can modify the values in the provided module.exports object. Here's a breakdown of the configuration options:

  • ENV: Specifies the environment for the SDK (e.g., 'dev' for development, 'prod' for production).

  • WALLET_ID: The ID of the wallet associated with the user. This identifier is used for wallet management and interaction.

  • WALLET_TOKEN: A bearer token used for authentication and authorization purposes when accessing the wallet.

  • ISSUER_CONNECTION_ID: The ID of the connection associated with the issuer. This connection facilitates communication and interaction with the issuer.

  • VERIFIER_CONNECTION_ID: The ID of the connection associated with the verifier. This connection enables communication and interaction with the verifier.

  • WALLET_CONNECTION_ID: The ID of the connection associated with the wallet. This connection is used for wallet-related operations and interactions.

  • ISSUER_DID: The decentralized identifier (DID) of the issuer. This identifier uniquely identifies the issuer entity within the DICE ID ecosystem.

  • CREDENTIAL_DEF: The credential definition identifier. This identifier specifies the credential definition used for issuing credentials.

  • SCHEMA_ID: The identifier of the schema. This identifier represents the schema definition used for creating and validating credentials.

  • VERIFIER_TEMPLATE_ID: The ID of the verification template. This template defines the requirements and criteria for verifying a presentation of credentials.

  • PRESENTATION_EX_ID: The ID of the presentation exchange. This identifier is used for managing and tracking the state of a credential presentation.

When using the DICE ID SDK, ensure that you provide the correct values for each configuration option based on your specific setup and requirements. These configurations allow you to customize the SDK to work seamlessly with your DICE ID implementation. The example configuration code is shown below:

module.exports = {
    ENV: 'dev',
    WALLET_ID: 'b79b26e5-7d42-4beb-8e12-3568a8490dbd',
    ISSUER_CONNECTION_ID: '98e810c5-6500-48f1-843d-bc3368d94544',
    VERIFIER_CONNECTION_ID: '98e810c5-6500-48f1-843d-bc3368d94544',
    WALLET_CONNECTION_ID: 'bccd4105-29c2-4338-b997-a6cf6a921b0f',
    ISSUER_DID: 'CvhpzyDj8pDUWaGAkw2Wbe',
    CREDENTIAL_DEF: 'NWgw3KMGqRRJyg6Q3Sksgh:3:CL:6187:default',
    SCHEMA_ID: 'NWgw3KMGqRRJyg6Q3Sksgh:2:names:1.0',
    VERIFIER_TEMPLATE_ID: '8123b02e-9018-4a89-8b1e-681db887953e',
    PRESENTATION_EX_ID: 'd8eed2c1-7989-4b53-bfa7-2e5e103324da'

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