DICE ID Ecosystem

DICE ID ecosystem provides an overview of the three entities: Holder (end-user), Issuer, and Proof Verifier.

Credential Issuer

  • Issues credentials to users based on provided information.

  • Ensures authenticity and integrity of issued credentials.

Holder (End User)

  • Stores their identity in a secured wallet.

  • Receives credentials from the Issuer.

  • Controls their wallet and manages credentials.

Proof Verifier

  • Verifies credentials presented by users.

  • Grants or denies access based on verification.

  • Ensures authorized access to resources or services.

Key Features of DICE ID

  1. Instant Verification: DICE ID offers instant verification, enabling efficient and real-time verification of credentials, eliminating delays and providing seamless user experiences.

  2. Contactless Authentication: DICE ID utilizes contactless authentication methods, reducing physical interactions and enabling secure digital identity verification without the need for physical cards or tokens.

  3. Privacy Centric & Portable: DICE ID prioritizes privacy by allowing users to selectively share only the necessary information, minimizing the exposure of personal data. It also provides portability, allowing users to access and manage their digital identities across various devices and platforms.

  4. Self-Sovereign: DICE ID empowers individuals with self-sovereign control over their digital identities. Users have ownership and autonomy over their identity information, reducing reliance on centralized authorities.

  5. No Vendor Lock-in: DICE ID promotes interoperability by avoiding vendor lock-in. It adheres to open standards, enabling seamless integration and data exchange between different systems and platforms.

  6. Rotation of Keys: DICE ID incorporates key rotation, regularly updating cryptographic keys to enhance security and mitigate the risk of unauthorized access or tampering.

  7. Tamper Proof: DICE ID ensures the integrity and tamper-proof nature of credentials through cryptographic mechanisms. This prevents unauthorized modifications or tampering of digital identities and credentials.

  8. Trustworthy Ecosystem: DICE ID fosters a trustworthy ecosystem by leveraging decentralized identity technologies, cryptographic proofs, and secure communication protocols, instilling confidence in the authenticity and validity of digital identities and credentials.

  9. Ease of Implementation: DICE ID offers ease of implementation, providing developers with tools, libraries, and APIs that simplify the integration of decentralized identity and credential exchange capabilities into their applications.

Applications of DICE ID

DICE ID, built on open standards, offers versatile solutions for various industries. Here are some key applications:

Skill Credentials: DICE ID enables the issuance of skill credentials, providing certifications to learners, employees, and freelancers. These credentials validate individuals' expertise, enhancing their employability and facilitating trust in the skills they possess.

Digital Consent: DICE ID ensures users' privacy and confidentiality when sharing data by enabling granular control over data sharing through verifiable credentials. Users can selectively disclose specific information while maintaining control over their personal data, promoting privacy and consent-driven data sharing.

Device Passport: DICE ID brings trust and transparency to device lifecycle management. By assigning decentralized identities to devices, a device passport is created. This allows for secure and authenticated interactions between devices, enhancing security and traceability in device management processes.

Metaverse & Web 3.0: DICE ID facilitates the creation of sybil-resistant communities in the metaverse and Web 3.0. By providing pseudonymous identities for avatars, DICE ID enables individuals to engage in virtual environments while maintaining privacy and building trust in digital interactions.

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