Platform Console

DICE ID platform console provides a self-service control plane that can be used for onboarding their customers, defining schemas, templates, issuing and verifying credentials

DICE ID Platform Console is a UI application that enables:

  • Self-service sign-up as an organization

  • Setup departments, onboard organization users and assign issuer, verifier, observer roles with fine grained access control

  • Invite & onboard customers to issue and verify credentials

  • Configure schemas for any type of use case

  • Issue credentials in real-time and batch mode

  • Setup certificate templates for skill-based credentials

  • Setup email templates for event based notifications

  • Configure verification templates

  • Access APIs and configure callback for easy integration

How to access DICE ID platform console?

You will need to signup ( by providing your name and email.

Once submitted a confirmation message is displayed

You will receive an email with the instructions to download DICE ID mobile app and scanning the QR code to get login credentials for the platform console.

Once you have received the credentials in your DICE ID app please go ahead and scan the QR code on the sign-in page from your DICE ID app.

You will be prompted to submit your DICE ID credentials for password-less login to platform console. Once submitted you will be logged in after verification is successful.

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